A Dog Was Dumped in a Public Restroom, But It Turned Out to Be a Blessing

Imagine how cruel people can be to leave their dog in a public restroom. The poor dog named Hugo and his siblings were abandoned in a public restroom helplessly.

Hugo was 5 months old and his siblings were even elder. It is time for animals they need special care and attention.

Thankfully, Hugo and his siblings were found by a kind man who freed them from that place. Life has prepared this hardship for Hugo so that he would have a caring owner and would feel what real love meant to be.

Carrie was a medical foster who had a great experience fostering dogs and puppies with severe injuries. As Hugo had some injuries Carrie did every possible and impossible thing to help the dog overcome the heath issues.

Despite his sickness Hugo was a playful and positive dog. In the video below you will discover the whole story about Hugo.

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