“This is a lovely and phenomenal frame”: images of young couples in love and couples still together after 60 years

These striking pictures demonstrate that love never fades.

This lovely Chinese couple wanted to return to their memorable moments after so much time had gone and take another photo there. This image has become extremely well-liked online.

Our second pair is made up of actual comics. This picture is 60 years old. Their offspring decided to recreate this masterpiece.

This pair holds the distinction of being the oldest among our current selections. Think about how long they had been married—66 years!

Since 1959, this South Carolina native couple has been living together. Their 4-person family has 18 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren. To commemorate the occasion and give them a gift on their wedding anniversary, their family arranged a professional photo shoot.

What do you think, my readers, of these catches? Do you honestly think that love exists? Comment with your ideas in the space provided!

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