Volunteer flies cat from Ukraine to US to reunite him with owner

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been damaging many lives and fates. Larysa Frisby, from Ukraine, was in Arkansas when the invasion began in February.

The woman couldn’t have imagined that she couldn’t see her beloved cat again. She was very dressed and wanted to do everything to meet her lovely cat Persik.

Soon Humane Society International, which has been helping refugees with pets at the Polish border find safety, heard this story and stepped in to help.

Larysa’s cousin managed to transport Persik from Odesa to Warsaw, Poland. Kelly Donithan, director of animal disaster response for the Humane Society, was able to fly with the cat from Poland to the US. After a long journey, the cat was reunited with his family and the family was very happy. Larysa wanted no one to feel the same pain as she felt.

Let the wold be in peace.

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