A rescuer’s hissing kitten refuses to leave her side

Great love and care can make any furious animal gentle and calm.

Katie ran a cat foster in Virginia. One day she got a call about a little kitten. The kitten was roaming in the parking lot when Katie and her friend caught the cat after 2-3 attempts. But the little one was very fierce and hissed at Katie from their first meeting. Katie named her Luci from Lucifer because of her character.

But the cat surely was afraid of people and didn’t trust them. That’s why she hissed so much. However, Katie knew how to make the kitten calm. She started to feed her. And soon, after feeding the kitten Lucie stopped her fierce behavior toward her rescuer. She let her pet and play with her.

Soon Katie got on well with Katie’s other cat and gradually came out of her shell. Katie began to adore the little kitten and vice versa. The kitten liked to hang with Katie and didn’t want to leave her.

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