Unwanted Blind Dog Left In Lot During Storm Tried To Raise Her Head As Cars Pass

When the owner of this special needs dog decided that she wasn’t worth keeping anymore he left the blind dog in a church car park in the rainfall.

It was awful for the dog to be in such a place without seeing anything. Luckily, the help was not delayed and the rescuers came to save the blind dog. They called her Lucy.

When they reached the vet clinic the news disappointed everyone. The dog has serious health problems and few chances to live longer. So the vets claimed that the dog would die soon and there was no need to take her from there.

But the rescuers wanted to do more for Lucy and found a foster mom for her. But as soon as the woman saw Lucy she decided to adopt her despite anything. Lucy started to live a peaceful life until his last days. After a few days, she passed away but spending her last days is important for someone.

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