Tiniest Puppy Waits In Center Of Road For Someone To Rescue Her

Nika Todua and Irina Liklikadze were strolling down an active road in Rustavi, a city in the eastern European nation of Georgia when suddenly they noticed a creature lying on the road.

The little puppy was not moving and was lying on the road like the dead. But when the couple who both volunteer with a dog rescue team called Animal Buddies, approached the puppy they felt shallow breaths.

The puppy was 1 month old and probably was hit by a car. When the rescuers searched for their mother they learned their sad story. The mother of the puppy was hit by a vehicle and after her death, the puppies were strolling in the streets. The pup was underweight but due to the kind rescuers soon gained weight and became healthier.

They named her E.T. after the movie by the same movie. E.T. liked to eat cucumber and pumpkin and was a very extraordinary puppy. After 9 months the pup was looking better and the transformation surprised many. This is what can happen to a helpless dog if kind people pay attention to their surroundings.

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