Kind Man Gives Up His Shirt And Gives It To A Cold Stray Dog

The kind-hearted people can’t pass indifferently to the creatures who are in need. These people are the heroes of our days and they make our surrounding more pleasant and safe.

Fernando Gabriel and his brother Felipe were about to ride the subway in São Paulo, Brazil. Suddenly Felipe noticed a shivering stray dog sitting in the corner. To Fernando’s surprise, his brother started to undress. First, he took off his backpack, then his coat, sweater, and finally his t-shirt. And the interested brother started shooting him to see what else he would do next.

The kind man gave his shirt to the shivering puppy and started to pet the poor puppy. The puppy was touched by the man’s gesture and happily wag his tail.

The touching video went viral and many people appreciated the kin man’s deed that made him a real-life hero.

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