This baby was born with a lot of hair

A baby from Sydney, Australia named Alexis Bartlett made headlines for an odd reason: she was born with a head covered with hair. In contrast to the typical one to two years it takes infants to grow their thick locks, an ultrasound X-ray showed that Alexis had a full head of hair just weeks after she was conceived. At six months, her hair is already practically enviable at shoulder length.

When Alexis’ parents first saw the ultrasound, they were shocked to see that she appeared to have hair on both her buttocks and forehead! Thankfully, this trait is hereditary. Since Alexis’ mother claims to have had similarly thick hair from birth, the adorable little daughter resembles her mother to a T!

So it’s understandable why Alexis recently caused quite a commotion among beachgoers and onlookers alike when she hit the beach with her lush locks in tow. Alexis caught everyone’s attention with her lovely and unusual hair. Thankfully for all of us, this tiny fashion icon will soon be releasing more gorgeous images!

A baby being born with a lot of hair is unusual. It can be surprising to see children with a full head of healthy hair because the majority of children are born bald or with very little hair. Although some people might believe that having a lot of hair on your baby is unusual, it has many benefits.

Having thicker hair can assist keep the infant warm and cozy throughout the winter because their delicate skin is better shielded from the elements. Long-term, more locks also imply fewer tangles, which means less time for parents to brush their children’s teeth and less discomfort for them.

Furthermore, baby goods like shampoos, conditioners, and moisturizers are made specifically for babies born with thicker manes because most parents want to give their newborns everything they need for the best growth and development.

Parents may find it simpler to design imaginative hairstyles for their newborns as they go older if they have more hair to work with. If you utilize the right care and styling methods, your baby’s lush hair can provide you joy as you watch them grow up.

Additionally, you can be sure that your kid will always have excellent head coverage even though having a lot of hair does not mean that it will look like a model.

Even though some people might find it entertaining to tease your baby’s hair, keep in mind that it is a blessing that should be welcomed. After all, a lot of hair on your baby might keep them cozy and maintain their best appearance. So don’t forget to thank God for the wonderful gift of extra locks!

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