The day’s hero dives into a freezing lake to save a drowning duck

This good-hearted Norwegian man has won accolades for rescuing a duck from certain death in a frozen lake near his home.

After photos of the 36-year-old Lars Jrun Langien rescue the defenseless duck went viral, he earned the title “King of Ducks” online.

Jumping into a chilly lake might not seem like a good idea, yet Lars appears to do it frequently. Lars, a researcher at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, and Yngvil Sholt, a 33-year-old colleague, adore swimming so much that they go swimming even when the temperature is below zero.

But this time, in addition to swimming, Lars also saved a duck’s life.

Just as the two men were about to jump into the lake in their bikinis, they noticed a duck moving across the thin sheet of ice. They were viewing the unfortunate creature when it got enveloped in ice.

Lars went in to help the duck when he realized it was in dire need right away.

Yngvil was speechless and unable to believe what he was witnessing during the miraculous rescue from the coast. Even better, he captured the event on camera.

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