Stunning And Rare Black Leopard Caught On Camera As It Hunts A Deer

Recently a super-rare black leopard was spotted while hunting a deer from just 30 feet.

Anurag Gawande, 24, spotted this melanistic leopard while on a safari at the Tadoba National Park, India.

He told that they were not expecting to see such a rare creature and they thought that it was a usual tiger. He said that it was the second time he saw such a jaguar. But this was the only one noticed at Tadoba National Park in Maharashtra in western India. He tried to hunt a deer but failed. He came and sat on the road for 15-20 minutes and had such amazing shots.

Black leopards known as black panthers are melanistic creatures. This means that the child of the melanistic animal will not share the same color as its parents. Melanism is a genetic mutation like albinism but it is not recessive.

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