Farmer Rescues ‘Stray Kitten’ From The Street, Turns Out It Was Actually A Cougar Cub

Elber is a Colombian farmer who was driving back home after work when he notices a little creature on the road. When he approached he found out that a little kitten was trembling in the middle of the busy road.

So the kind man could do nothing but take the kitten home. The little one was filthy and probably very hungry. The man gave him food, drink, and a comfortable place to rest on. However, Elber noticed that something was strange with the little feline’s characteristics.

He was not like other cats that the farmer had before. He played strangely, ate strangely, and even looked very strange. He had a long tail and round ears.

So Elber decided to turn for an animal specialist. Upon examination, the veterinarian at the local veterinary clinic stated that it was a cougar cub and not a little kitten. So the cougar cub was taken to the special facility for cougars where he would stay as much as needed to be released into the wild soon after.

No matter, what creatures you see on the roads, stop and support them, maybe you will find a very rare animal species and maybe you will find a usual kitten who can be your best companion.

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