Shop Owner Installs A Glass Ceiling For His Cats So They Can Spy On Him All Day Long

This shop owner turned out to be a very creative one. He decided that his cats shouldn’t be bored while he was at work and created a wonderful attic for them.

He had a bit of space above the shop’s ceiling and the shop owner created an attic for cats. The curious creatures started to look after the customers and their owner from the most exquisite place.

He also replaced other ceiling tiles with glasses so that the cats wouldn’t get bored with just one glass. The cats started their everyday chasing. And if the customers had been there for the first time they were surprised. It was really astonishing to look at the ceiling ad discover cats walking over their heads.

The cats seemed very calm but curious, however, if they weren’t fed properly and on time they would mess the owner’s home to find what they searched for.

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