Senior shelter dog is desperate for love

Rusty and Anna always fostered shelter dogs as they loved dogs and always wanted to help. It was a few years ago when they decided to foster Hero, a mixture of Pitbull, Staffie & Boston Terrier.

The poor dog had a past filled with abuse and was rescued by Pit Crew Rescue in Sacramento, California. When the couple brought him home they gave him great love and attention as the senior dog needed it too much. And the couple also wanted to know how their other family dog Sugar Bear would react to Hero.

Luckily, the two dogs bonded very strongly. Hero felt that he was loved there and found the best place in the world with his new family. He wanted Rusty to pet him almost every time he saw him and when he stopped petting he would nudge him and remind him that he wanted more. However, the foster parents did everything that the senior dog felt that he was loved and important.

The foster dogs loved their dad very much. They knew the muffling sound of their foster dad and when he entered the home they began to hug and kiss their beloved person. The foster mom mostly was their caregiver but the dogs loved her too. They followed her everywhere in the house. The foster parents gave everything the dogs needed until they would find better and forever homes.

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