Senior Dog Is So Sad She Can’t Even Keep Her Head Up After Her Family Moved Away And Abandoned Her

When people acquire a pet they should be very careful with them as they want to be loved and not be unnecessary for the family. Though Athena’s previous family couldn’t give love and attention to her.

Athena was a senior dog who lived in Nikolaevka, Bulgaria. She had been living with her family for many years and loved her family very much. But her family turned out to be very cruel and abandoned the poor dog when she got older.

The miserable dog was chained with a heavy chain near the road. Her eyes were filled with sadness and pain. Fortunately, Laurica Nagel, a local dog rescue volunteer, heard about the dog, and the rescue wasn’t delayed. She came and took the dog to the rescue center.

Though there was a little chance that the senior dog would find another family because of her age the rescue center found an owner for her. She was noticed by kind-hearted people who appreciated the dog hearing the touching story of her life. They decided to make the dog happier during her last days of life. As the dog was an old one the family made her feel meaningful. And soon the dog felt very happy with her new positive family. She knew that this family would never leave her in a situation she had been in before.

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