Dog Starved And Thrown Out Of Car Finally Gets A Second Chance At Life

All Violet wanted from her owners was love. But her owners didn’t appreciate the dog and threw the poor Violet out the car window. a stranger noticed this and helped the dog to reach Prince George’s County Animal Control.

Then the emaciated dog weighing just 60 pounds was taken by the Mutts Matter Rescue. There Violet met her savior and a best friend named Debbie Gretz.

Gretz couldn’t help her tears when she saw the miserable dog.

When she hugged the dog she felt her bones and that melted the kind woman’s heart. She took the dog’s care as she had worked with such dogs before.

Gretz started to feed the dog 5 small meals a day and healed her wounds carefully. Soon the dog weighed 138 pounds and became healthier and stronger. She appreciated Gretz very much and loved her attentive caretaker.

Violet was transformed into a very attractive and powerful dog. If not Gretz Violet wouldn’t recover so soon and wouldn’t feel her such a happy dog.

Let keep our pets safe and sound and not throw them out of the car windows.

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