Retired police dog gets emotional after reuniting with handler she hasn’t seen in years

A very touching video was posted on a Chinese social media site, by the Xichuan Police Department. It showed another example of the great love and devotion of K9 dogs and their handlers.

Wangwang, an 8-year-old German shepherd, worked with the department before retiring in June 2019. Unluckily, not all the police officers had time to continue their life with their beloved canine friends. The Xichuan Police Department claimed that this officer also hadn’t had enough time for the dog so he had to leave her with another family.

But the dog missed him a lot — so when the officer decided to pay her a surprise visit after a long time apart, she couldn’t help her tears. She was overjoyed and from this great happiness she began to cry.

Seeing Wangwang’s expression, we’re sure this wasn’t the last visit the officer made to his old friend.

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