Rabbit can’t stop his morning zoomies and asks for breakfast twice

Aaron was walking on the busy streets of England when he noticed a furry white ball in the middle of the street. When he approached the discovered that this was a little rabbit.

The man couldn’t leave him alone so he took the rabbit home. He named him Mr. Phirii. The rabbit was a bit scared of his rescuer at first but after feeding him everything changed.

The rabbit found comfort in Aaron and wanted to spend every second with his savior. Aaron, in his turn, loved his pet too and did everything Mr. Phirii wanted. The rabbit turned out to be very capricious and didn’t let Aaron sleep every morning.

Early in the morning he took his owner’s duvet off and made him wake up. When Aaron was wide awake the rabbit asked for his breakfast and then started to take some photos of their house while Aaron went to bed again.

The rabbit also liked to sit near Aaron during his philosophy online classes. Aaron also took Mr. Phirii out very often to have a pleasant walk in an open-air so that the rabbit could run and burn his energy there. When they returned the rabbit made Aaron lie with him during his midday naps and groom him. There was a strong bond between the and enjoyed every single minute of their time spent together.

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