Woman decides her special-needs bunny is not “worthless”

Robin wanted a bunny as a pet for a long time but her husband was initially against this idea. But soon her husband gave up and the woman could finally make her wish come true.

She searched for a bunny to adopt but she couldn’t be connected with any bunny she met. Soon Robin found Orlagh, a special needs bunny, at the Bunny Buddies rescue center in Houston, Texas. The bunny had an injured right leg. It was bent peculiarly.

The poor rabbit was found in a box and was rescued and brought to the shelter. There she was taken care of and waited for Robin to adopt her. The kind woman felt a strong bond between them and adopted the bunny immediately.

The husband liked her too and soon they became a wonderful family with the bunny. The cute bunny was treated very carefully by them and the vet said that she had great progress. The bunny got on well with children and Robin’s other animals too and felt safe and sound.

This is how a special-needs animal finds its forever and warm corner in the world.

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