People See A Cow Attempting To Swim After A Hurricane And Rush To Assist Her

When Hurricane Florence flooded North Carolina, Mike Stura jumped in his car and tried to save as many animals as he could.

Stura, the developer of Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue, didn’t hesitate and started his journey with his friends Todd Friedman and Dave Miller the next day after the flood. That day the rescuers found 3 pups in awful condition.

However, Stura and his friends did everything for the pups and soon they felt much better. Another difficult rescue was waiting for them after these pups.

A woman notified that there was a drowning cow near the ranch after the flood. The rescuers arrived at that place and a cow was trying to stay afloat however she could. Though it was extremely hard to take the cow out of the water the rescuers succeeded and Stura was delighted with the results.

The owner of the ranch promised Stura that after the rescue he could maintain them, so Stura drove the rescued cow home to his sanctuary in New Jersey. He had another rescued ow also from Hurricane named Babe. Stura hoped that it could be a great opportunity for them to make friends and have fun ever after.

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