Odd-Looking Deer Is Rescued After Days With No Food Or Water

The deers like to hide in the woods where no one can see them. So if you are lucky enough to spot a deer then you appeared in the right place at the right time.

Colts Neck once spotted a very strange deer. The deer had skinny legs, a furry body, and a round head. The man was astonished as he hadn’t seen a creature like this before. When he had a close view he found out that the poor deer had his head stuck in a glass bowl and couldn’t take it out.

The man immediately called MCSPCA for help. The rescue group set the deer o sleep and began its work. Probably the glass bowl had been filled with water and the deer wanted to drink from it.

The poor animal was dehydrated as he hadn’t eaten for a very long time. And after the sedative, the deer had trouble breathing. So the vet technician Deann Bowen from MCSPCA rushed to help the poor buck.

The deer was able to breathe after a few hours but he had still difficulties with health so the rescuers gave him the needed treatment and then let him go. Now due to the kind people the deer is roaming in the woods freely and healthy.

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