Man Finds Pregnant Stray Dog In Bushes And Rushes To Rescue Her Before She Gives Birth

When we see a stray animal outside our hearts melt. So various rescue organizations are arranged all over the world to assist these animals and not to let any abandoner or abuser unknown.

Pet rescue shelter in Serbia is doing their best to provide everything the canines need. Once a guy from the shelter heard some voices coming from the nearest bushes and shrubs. The guy approached and found a pregnant dog there.

Even though the pregnant dogs are a bit rude and don’t let anyone come closer this one is very kind. She felt that it might be better for her babies and let the rescuers do whatever they wanted.

Soon she was lying in a safer place with proper food in front of her waiting for her babies. The next day the babies were born. The rescuers were very glad that they managed to bring the dog on the last day of pregnancy and that they could now take care of the newborns.

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