Hidden Camera Captures Touching Moment A Rescued Owl Adopts Two Orphaned Chicks

The talented wildlife artist Robert E Fuller placed this hidden camera and captured one of the most touching scenes ever.

The poor tawny owl named Luna was in depression as her eggs failed to hatch and besides she lost her claw last year. Robert Fuller noticed the misfortunate owl and wanted to ease her grief a bit. The kind man put the rescued chick on her nest and waited for her reaction. Luna was overjoyed.

She couldn’t believe her eyes. She felt taht hse was a mother again and that meant a lot for her. Luna herself was a rescue owl and knew what it meant to the chickens.

Bomber was the Father of Luna’s babies and he also wanted to come and see what was going on in their nest. However Luna was a bit aggresive to him. She didn’t allow to come closer to teh chick yet as she acted with her mother’s instinct which was to protect the tiny babies from anyone else. She made him know that it was the time for food and that he had to bring something for them to eat.


Soon the kind man took the owl’s care and followed that they were well-fed and after feeling that everything was ok and the chick were in safe hands he could freely take a breath.

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