Grieving Cat Mom Who Lost Her Kittens Finds Happiness Again In An Orphaned Kitty In Need

Ember was extremely desperate when she lost her kittens. The cat didn’t want to see anyone with such a broken heart.

Flame was another heart-broken kitten who lost his mother. He was also very sorrowful as the kitten lost his mother when she was a few days old.

Both of the miserable cats were in the Atlanta Humane Society. The smart and caring staff of the Atlanta Humane Society found the best solution to these hopeless cats. They introduced the cats to each other and the cat’s fate immediately changed.

Ember became a fantastic mother for Flame and Flame, in its turn, was the best relief for Ember.

Soon the cats found a warm home and were taken together. The great love of the cats, their cuddling, kissing showed how much they helped each other to heal the past wounds of life.

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