Goofy little cockatoo becomes new mom’s shadow

when Kimberly brought the adorable cockatoo Doobie home he was a bit worried if the bird would get used to her as Doobie had been living with his former owner for 28 years.

But Doobie liked his new owner and the whole family and got used to them very easily as he sensed their great love. Doobie became her owner’s shadow following her everywhere. Kimberly liked to work from home but Dobbie didn’t let her as he wanted her attention every time. When Kimberly was taking a bath then Doobie was with her. When Kimberly was brushing her teeth then Doobie was attentively watching her.

When Kimberly went outside then the bird would follow her. But Kimberly didn’t mind it as she paid much attention to Doobie and liked talking with her little buddy. Doobie mimicked his owner showing how she brushed her teeth and this made Kimberly jolly than ever.

She was a perfect owner for Doobie and adored her bird. In its turn, Doobie couldn’t imagine her day without going outside and talking before bed.

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