Family releases rescued dove who flies back to visit daily

Chelsa lived with her husband and three little kids Joseph, Ryle, and Brynn in a nice house. One day one of the daughters came out and found an injured dove who couldn’t fly back to the tree.

The children were very happy and excited to discover the dove and asked their mother to feed the bird. Chelsa let them but told them that they should release the bird when she would be healed. The children agreed and started caring for the litle dove. They named her Trigger. One of the daughters taught the bird to fly.

When Trigger was ready to fly the children released the bird with great difficulty. But after an hour of being with her mom, the bird came back. Chelsa was surprised but also happy seeing the bird again. And this happened for about half and a year.

No matter how far the children took the bird and then released her the dove found its way and again returned to the lovely house. Chelsa discovered that doves could live up to 25 years and was very happy that the family member would stay with them for so long.

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