Generous woman builds treehouse for baby squirrel that wouldn’t leave her

Patty Robinson was looking out from her kitchen window when she noticed a tiny squirrel on the grass. She went and took the squirrels in her hands. The tiny creature closed his eyes and slept warmly in the arms of his rescuer. Patty searched for any squirrels around the house but couldn’t find them. So the woman raised the squirrel without his mother. She named the squirrel Bunk.

When Bunk was 9 months old Patty released him into the wild as she knew that it was the best place for them. But after 5 days the squirrel came back and didn’t want to live far from his lovely owner. Patty tried to release him three more times but the squirrel returned again and again.

Patty understood that he didn’t want to be apart and started to construct a comfortable place for him. She knew that the place should resemble a three so that teh squirrel felt him at home. She did everything that Bunk should need in his home and constructed a very cosy place for him.

The room had eight sliding glass windows and cathedral ceilings. Patty put mesh fencing and opened the sliding doors so that he could get fresh air and hear the birds. With the great love of Patty what else did the squirrel need for wonderful life?

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