Soldier Rescues A Dying Squirrel And Saves His Life, Now They Drive Around Town In Their Taxi Every Day

Masik is a squirrel, and Pyotr Pankratau is a former Belarusian army soldier, and the two friends spend all their time together. Their story started when Pankratau was a soldier and one day he discovered a dying baby squirrel and tried to help the little one.

He started to take deep care of the little squirrel and fed from the bottle for the first days.

Soon the baby got stronger and healthier and the man was proud that he could bring the squirrel back to life.

When Pankratau left the army he took Masik with him. The squirrel became accustomed to the kind owner and appreciated him very much.

Now Pankratau drives a taxi and the squirrel Masik is always there to lead the ride. The squirrel follows his savior all over Minsk.

The squirrel Masik, however, helps his owner a lot in a business as many people want to ride in a taxi with a squirrel.

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