Former Stray Dog Is So Happy To Have His Own Food Dish That He Sleeps With It Every Night

The stray puppies don’t know what great love means as they have to fight against the cruelties in the streets. However, for these dogs even trivial things matter and you can’t imagine how much they become happy from very tiny objects given by a loving human.

A kind lady Susanne adopted a 10-year-old Jack Russell terrier mix named Neville. Though the lady had already got other dogs she couldn’t leave Neville. Though the dog had already been in a shelter the woman felt that the poor canine suffered a lot in the street without love and attention.

So she started to care for him very attentively, First, the dog had to eat either from his sibling’s bowls or right from the floor. But Susanne managed to teach him to eat from his dish. The poor dog didn’t have his objects for a very long time and now couldn’t believe his eyes.

But when he got used to his bowl he started to treasure it. He even slept with it. Years passed but the dog had still this habit of sleeping with his bowl as he valued his first property greatly.

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