Firefighters save tiny kitten trapped inside a Walmart vending machine

Vending machines are almost everywhere around us. The machines vary and provide people with the most needed products. But this “product” was a bit different as it was breathing and meowing.

Once the Morristown Fire Department, in Tennessee, got a call from a local Walmart. A tiny kitten got trapped in one of the Pepsi vending machines.

The poor one was mowing incessantly so one of the Walmart employees Lindsey called the firefighters. The firefighters had to unplug the machine and remove the cover of the back but the kitten was still hidden somewhere. Fortunately, the machine had another opening and the rescuers could hardly take out the tiny kitten.

The kitten was small and cute and no one could resist her temptation. Lindsey decided to adopt the kitten as her meowing was still in her ears and after seeing her once she couldn’t leave her anymore.

Due to the kind rescuers and the generous employee the kitten now has a forever home and warm atmosphere for her future.

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