Dumped Pitbull Puppy Adopted By The Firefighter Who Saved Her

Animals will never forget the people who saved them from the miserable street life.

In the beginning, Chunk struggled a lot. She was dumped and tied to a tree. Luckily, a group of Sacramento firefighters noticed her and soon arrived to rescue the dog.

Though the firefighter were very kind rescuers they were not vets and the dog needed a health examination. So her rescuer took her to the Front Road Animal Sanctuary, where the staff treated her manage and clothed her in a shirt to maintain her nice and warm until her hair expands back.

When Chunk saw her rescuer the following day she couldn’t help her emotions and jump on him. The dog started to kiss the kind firefighter enthusiastically. The kind man decided to adopt her.

And the family was so eager to give this dog a forever home that they agreed to wait for 4 months until the dog would be treated properly.

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