Capricious cat swipes at everyone but purrs in her grandpa’s arms

The cat named Nanoos recently proved that animals also can pick a specific person and feel comfortable only with him/her.

Nanoos was the cat who unusually hated everyone. She even hated her rescue mom Raem. Raem couldn’t understand what was wrong with her. She did everything right but still, her cat scratched her several times and attacked her. However, it didn’t stop Raem to love her cat.

Nanoos hated children too. She considered them her real enemies. Every time she saw a kid she would hiss and attack.

But in the whole world there was someone whom Nanoon adored and it was Raem’s father. When she saw her father sh would melt in his arms and purr.

Though Raem was told to abandon the cat because of her aggressivness she wasn’t intended to. She thought that the cat didn’t have to love them all obligatory she had a right to chose and if she didn’t want, let her hiss. Raem decided to make the cat’s life better and she would do it at any cost.

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