‘Broken’ dog can’t stop smiling when he realizes he’s finally safe

Sanford was a “broken dog” when he was first brought to the shelter in Texas. The poor dog was hit by a car and had also a bullet wound in his right leg.

He stayed in one of the corners of the shelter and didn’t look at anyone. He was staring at one point and was waiting for his last minute of life. Unfortunately, the shelter didn’t have enough resources for his medical care.

But luckily a volunteer from the local rescue group Dallas DogRRR spotted Sanford and knew she had to help immediately. After he had been given the proper medical treatment Sanford went to live with his fantastic foster mom Karen Velazquez. Karen told that when they met the dog felt the security and began to smile.

When Karen introduced him to his foster dogs the dog became even happier. He was smiling all day long. The woman told the Dodo that she had 52 foster dogs and this one was the happiest among them. He was smiling all day long thus showing his gratitude. The 10-year-old dog was very energetic and age was a number for him.

Now when the dog was healed both physically and spiritually he was ready to meet his new owners and go to his forever home.

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