Stray Puppy That Was Hit On The Head And Left On The Street Tries To Lift Head To Thank Rescuer But Can’t

People treated this stray puppy so badly that he sustained brain damage. The stray puppy was hit by the head so fiercely that the little puppy wasn’t able to move his head.

The stressful puppy was in the streets until a kind woman noticed him and wanted to help. As the dog was in great depression and pain the woman knew how to treat him.

The woman gently took the stray puppy home and started to care for him. The dog was so grateful and wanted to show his feelings to the woman. But the poor pup couldn’t raise his head because of the brain damage.

The kind woman took him to the vet where he was examined and got treatment. But the vet told that the trauma was very severe and maybe the poor pup couldn’t move his head through his whole life.

But the gentle woman was very attentive to the pup and gave her great love so the puppy became stronger and stronger. The vet was amazed that in just two weeks, the pup had made an amazing recovery.

Despite any circumstances the woman made up her mind to take the dog. Ever after the dog lived a happy life without any abuse or suferings.

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