Adorable Two-Legged Kitten Hops Her Way Into Her Forever Home

Duck is a little kitten who has great energy and vigor in life.

The cute kitten one day was injured and in the vet clinic, the vet amputated her legs in order to save her life. But even this fact can’t make Duck hopeless or disappointed. She is always positive and playful.

According to Love Meow, Duck’s owners think that the cat got her injuries by snuggling up inside the engine bay of a car. After being held in the vet she was taken to a foster family where she got love ad affection every single day. Soon the temporary home became a forever home for the kitten as she charmed every member of the family. The family claimed that the positive kitten never had a reason to mourn or be unhappy.

The cat soon got used to her new condition and learned to move with the help of her tail and hind legs. The owners brought a wheelchair for her but she never used it.

The family also had another kitten, three pups, and six hens. But Duck loved to play especially with pups.

Duck may have lost her legs, but she’s never lost her zest for life. This little kitty is a true inspiration and a great example for those who lose their hope by trivial problems.

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