Woman offers her jacket to her dog so that he may stay warm while waiting outdoors.

It’s crucial to protect our dogs from the icy weather when the temperature drops. Several people are unaware that dogs may become sick from the cold just like humans.

But, some kind people go over and beyond to protect animals from severe weather. A passerby noticed a dog owner’s wonderful method of canine care, and they posted the sweet pictures on Facebook.

Last month, there was a chilly, windy day in Cambridge, Massachusetts. At a bus stop near Harvard Square, Kristina Hollie and a coworker were waiting.

She observed a woman walking her dog as she waited. In order for her to rush into the post office, the stranger tethered the dog to a tree.

Yet, the dog was clearly trembling due to the bitter cold… The owner then did something really kind by lending the dog her jacket!

According to Kristina, “She instantly pulled off her jacket and covered the dog as he sat.” Maybe she bowed down and zipped it up around him fearing he would kick it off.

Kristina expressed gratitude to the woman for taking care of her dog after noticing the wonderful deed: “She immediately said, ‘Thank you! He shouldn’t be chilly, I don’t want that!

The images were submitted by Kristina to the Dogspotting Facebook group, where they garnered tens of thousands of likes.

As Kristina boarded the bus, the dog was still waiting for his owner outside, but she noted that he appeared warm and pleased.

She told The Dodo, “I observed a couple or three other people stroll past him and say that he looked quite cute and extremely warm.

We appreciate this woman for taking care of her dog and keeping him warm!

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