Woman Finds Abandoned Dog Near River With Heavy Anchor Tied To His Neck

One day, a Lithuanian woman Audra Petraškienė and her daughter, Andra Petraškienė, were driving when they came upon a shivering dog. They were heartbroken when they stopped to have a look at the dog.

Cruel people tried to drown this innocent dog because they had hung a metal box around his neck. The Petraškienės took the dog home and immediately removed the heavy metal box. Then they took him to the vet where, fortunately, it turned out that he was healthy despite the stress that he suffered from the abuse.

Audra posted the dog’s photos on Facebook with the great hope that the dog had an owner. And she wasn’t mistaken as his owner appeared.

It turned out that the dog and his owner were teh vistims of the cruel neighbour who had tried to drown the dog. However, now the dog is with hsi owner tahnks to teh kind woman and her daughter.

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