When a mother hides a microphone in her son’s backpack, two teachers are fired the next day.

When a mother’s son, who had formerly been joyful and loving, became irate and cruel, she trusted her instincts and placed a microphone in his backpack. His teachers were immediately fired after the boy’s supervisor learned about the tape.

Parents want their teachers to take good care of their children when they send them to school. Because Milissa Davis is a loving mother, learning that she had been handing her child with special needs to his abusers each time she handed him off at school was extremely unsettling for her.

When Milissa noticed that her 12-year-old son Camden was acting strangely, she realized that something had happened to him. Camden exhibits severe autism. The boy, who was typically compassionate and nice, had grown irate and was wetting the bed. The astute mother surmised that his abrupt behavior shift was brought on by school. According to WBRZ, Milissa thought of the idea to conceal a recording device in the child’s bag when Camden reportedly couldn’t explain what was wrong.

After Camden arrived home from Hope Academy in Baton Rouge, Milissa listened to the recordings from that day’s lesson. Her concerns were realized after what she heard.

The boy’s two special needs teachers picked on, mocked, and mistreated Milissa Davis’ mentally handicapped son in front of the entire class.

“You simply need to write the word. One teacher asked in an irate manner, “What’s hard about it?” The youngster attempted to respond to the teacher, but it was difficult to comprehend what he said. The teacher mocked the student’s inability to communicate clearly by mimicking his response. “Camden, why don’t you have anything written down?” she prodded him further. Due of this, you cannot sit with everyone. Tell your mother that. Let’s see what they do with him in public school, a teacher was overheard saying. He would attend Middle School in Live Oak. He won’t make it, by no means.

It makes logical that Milissa was shocked and enraged by what she had heard. She pulled her son out of school and immediately hired a lawyer since she anticipated having to battle.

According to Milissa Davis, “I just wanted to cry, scream, and do everything I could because it was so bad.” To think that even though I regularly sent my son there, I was ignorant of any prior events.

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