What the youngster from “Life is Beautiful” looks like 26 years later: He grew up to be a really gorgeous man.

The handsome actor Giorgio Cantarini played the legendary role of the young Giosue in “Life is Beautiful.” Even the Young Artist Award was given to him for the movie. He was invited to the 2000 premiere of Ridley Scott’s “Gladiator” movie, and a few years later he was admitted to the Experimental Center for Cinematography.

The man indicated that up to the age of 18, he wanted to play football, despite the fact that he enjoyed the filming. After training, the young man had intended to further his acting career, but destiny had other ideas. Cantarini is now still moving. One of his final films was “Lamborghini: Man of Legend”.

However, due to the outbreak, he was forced to spend some time in Italy and even work in a contact center. He soon returned to his usual position, though, and is continuing developing a fantastic career.

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