Weak Dog Chained Up For 5 Years Cried As Rescuer Held Her Face In Her Hands

This dog never knew what true love was as she cried when the rescuer held her face in her hands.

When the witness saw the awful condition of the dog who was chained and at first sight emaciated he put the video on social media sites and asked for help. The help wasn’t delayed as the rescue team rushed to the location right away.

When they came and saw with their eyes the rescuer was shocked. It turned out that the dog had been chained there without any care for 5 years. They started to persuade the proprietor to surrender the dog. Despite her indifferent attitude toward her dog she refused to give the dog. But the rescuers were adamant. They claimed that they would report her to the authorities if she didn’t surrender the dog.

They talked for hours and could finally take the dog to the shelter.

In the beginning, the dog didn’t understand what was going on but soon she felt that it was time for her to have a brand new life. The dog got a brand new name, Lada. The vets began to examine the dog and found skin infections caused by fleas. She was also emaciated and her bones were almost seen. The vets gave Lada the needed medicaments and treatment.

Soon the dog would feel better and would surely find a forever home and loving owner. It is amazing that the chained dog was noticed by a kind Samaritan and appeared in safe and warm hands soon after.

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