Watch a Funny Interaction Between a Golden Retriever and a Robot Vacuum

Pets make us smile during the day and fill our lives with happiness and joy. The internet is abundant with various funny videos that have thousands of viewers and likes. Almost all social media sites have animal content just to make our feeds even brighter.

Good Morning America has a segment called “Fur Babies,” where they share lovable and hilarious pets.

One video recently made many people laugh. It was about an Auburn Hills, Michigan dog. The golden retriever, Lloyd, was lying around the house when a robot vacuum approached him. Though the dog was perceived to react very strangely as he saw the robot vacuum cleaner for the first time the dog stayed calm. He was looking at the robot with poker face without changing any mimick. He wasnt even standing but waiting untile the vacuum clener would go away itself. The short video will make you laugh.

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