Vultures Surround Neglected Puppy And Wait For Her To Die

You could say that animals are very intuitive creatures. They can sense our fear, our joy and our sadness. This seems to be especially true for dogs, writes Other animals are coordinated with each other even of different species. They have basic instincts that we humans inhibit. We may think our dog is miserable, but his canine companions, or who knows, maybe even cats or birds, seem to know better.
They adapt to our body language and it is as if they can perceive our physical illness and its depth. When we are ill, they are by our side, lovingly wishing us a speedy recovery. It’s even more frightening when people look at an animal in pain and feel nothing. Or when they ignore their responsibility to care for something that depends on them to survive. A very dark story about a young pit bull puppy named Lilo. She had made many friends in the garden where she was banished. But they were not the kind of friends you wanted to have.
They were vultures and used their animal instincts to befriend the puppy for the worst possible reasons. On Christmas Day 2014, eight-month-old Lilo was presented with a terrifying image. She was left in the garden, chained to a tree with only a small box to keep her warm. But that wasn’t all. Lilo was surrounded by vultures. This went on for five days without anyone helping or caring for her. They were just waiting for the right moment to devour her, a thought that would break every dog lover’s heart.
But someone took care of Lilo, and on the fifth day she was rescued by the Merit Pit Bull Foundation. She was fostered and eventually found the home she deserved with Keana Lynch and her friend Travis Henley. Lilo was malnourished, underweight and suffered from some skin infections, but with love and proper care she became a happy and healthy pup.
She was at home and with people who treated her as any beautiful and loving dog should be treated. Although she received no human attention for the first eight months of her life, Lilo quickly became a great pet. Her new family even said she didn’t know what to do in the house or what toys to play with. But she is a very intelligent puppy and quickly began playing with her toys as any puppy would.
Today, the only clue to her former life is that she hates being alone. Luckily, she now has a canine sister to keep her company when her parents are away. She is also an ambassador for the Merit Pit Bull Foundation, working with dozens of children to show them that being a responsible pet owner is possible and that a rescued puppy has a happy ending. A happy ending for a very happy puppy!
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