UPS driver sees ‘Call 911’ written on package and ends up saving woman being held hostage.

A UPS guy in Missouri is being hailed as a hero for saving a woman whose husband was holding her hostage and torturing her sexually. He made a quick decision, which allowed the cops to locate her without incident.

On his way to another visit, the driver stopped at a house in rural Franklin County, just west of St. Louis, and that’s how it all began. The woman in Robertsville scrawled “Call 911” on the box when the delivery person handed it to her.

James Tyler Jordan, 33, was found to be keeping his wife captive inside the home and threatening to kill both of them. In court documents, Jordan’s wife claimed that he forced her to remove her clothes, beat and slapped her, prevented her from leaving the house, and sexually assaulted her. He continued holding a gun to her head and threatening to shoot both of them.

A 3-year-old was also residing in the home. The kid had spent the previous 15 hours alone in a bedroom without food or water.

Jordan forced his wife to speak to him when the driver arrived at the house by standing behind her and brandishing a revolver. The woman scribbled “call 911” when she signed for the box. The driver immediately dialed the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office after returning to his truck. Jordan was detained by a SWAT team after they arrived at the house swiftly.

Regarding the driver, Sergeant T.J. Wild of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department remarked, “He was a huge help.”

The motorist should be commended for going above and above to save the lives of the mother and her child. Watch the video below to learn more, then SHARE this article so that your loved ones can view it as well.

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