Unwanted Blind Dog Trying To Raise Her Head As Cars Pass Because She Got Left In Lot During A Storm

ilovemydogsomuch writes that when the owner of this old dog decided it was not worth his time, he left him in the parking lot of a church in the rain. He was hysterical, blind and sick. The dog couldn’t see what was happening and couldn’t understand why he was left there. He was lying on the concrete during a terrible storm until someone came to the parking lot and found him.

The Good Samaritan called the local emergency services in Houston, Texas, who responded immediately. The rescuers already knew that the poor dog, whom they named Lucy, was in very bad shape. Her eyes were filled with tears from infection and every bone in her body was visible. An old dog deserves to spend her days feeling loved, but instead Lucy felt like a burden.

Lucy was taken to a veterinary clinic where she was classified as a palliative care case. As her condition will continue to deteriorate, medical intervention will only be necessary to maintain her health. The vet also discovered that she suffers from diabetes. Rescuers cried that they wished they could have taken Lucy sooner. But at least now she will live out her life in a comfortable and well-cared for environment.

The rescue team approached a woman they thought would be perfect for Lucy. She was experienced in palliative care and wanted to give Lucy a good home. The woman visited Lucy at the vet and officially agreed to adopt Lucy so she could spend the rest of her time on earth with her new family.

Lucy started convulsing. The vet made sure she was comfortable in this state. She could no longer walk on her own, but her new human friends and her mom made sure she could lie on the grass and enjoy the sunny days.

The brave dog lived a few more weeks in a loving home. She probably smiled more in those few weeks than she had smiled in her whole life. Lucy finally crossed the rainbow bridge and although her new family mourned and missed her, she took solace in the fact that she left this world feeling wanted and loved. She died with dignity, even though her owner chose to keep her where she belonged.

All animals are worth saving!

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