Unfortunately I’ve caught all three McKittens suckling on each other, so for now they are all in their own private apartments.

Perfect sleepy little babies 😍

McMuffin, McNugget, and Big Mac are all doing great. They are still eating really well, gaining lots of weight, and clearly feeling much better. They are still sneezing which makes me sad, but they aren’t letting it get them down.

I’d just like to say thank you, again for all of your support and encouragement. You really have no idea how much it means to me and the babies 💕 @fostermotherofkittens said.

We’ve got a case of sibling sucklers. I can’t stand separating babies, especially this young. Unfortunately I’ve caught all three McKittens suckling on each other, so for now they are all in their own private apartments.

Sibling suckling is just another problem that comes with fostering “orphaned” kittens. It can become very dangerous for all parties involved.

For the time being, I’m keeping McMuffin in the incubator because in my opinion she is the one who could use it the most. McMuffin is still aspirating while feeding, quite often. I manage to get her to sneeze it up and follow up with a saline nebulizer treatment. She’s still keeping up with the other two, but I just feel more comfortable keeping her in the luxury apartment 😉 @fostermotherofkittens said.

Hi, my names McMuffin. I enjoy chugging KMR and suckling on my siblings. My foster mom says I’m a “mess”, but I don’t think she has any room to judge. She needs to get herself together. It’s almost like she hasn’t slept in over a week or something 👀😂 @fostermotherofkittens said.

Little Miss McMuffin might be a bit of a mess, but that doesn’t stop her from being absolutely ADORABLE ☺️😍 @fostermotherofkittens said.

Chicken McNugget 🧡💙😍 @fostermotherofkittens said.

Big Mac just wanted me to let y’all know she’s a GIRL! 🎀🍔

My bad, honey, I’ve been too focused on keeping your butt alive to even think about it 🙃 @fostermotherofkittens said.

I present to you, a perfect kitten ball. You’re welcome ☺️ @fostermotherofkittens said.

Big yawn 🥱😍 @fostermotherofkittens said.

If you don’t fall in love with McMuffin after watching this video, I don’t think we can be friends 🤷🏻‍♀️ @fostermotherofkittens said.

This sassy lady puts the BIG in Big Mac 😍 @fostermotherofkittens said.

🥺 Chicken McNugget couldn’t get any cuter if he tried 😍😍😍 @fostermotherofkittens said.

McMuffin always just looks a tad bit dazed and confused. Honestly, same 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 @fostermotherofkittens said.

Chicken McPerfect amirite?? 😍 @fostermotherofkittens said.

The McKittens are doing so freaking well I actually cried when I was filming this. I am so proud of these little things, moving around like real baby cats and starting to use the litter box. Sorry for not posting much recently. Kitten season is in full swing and there’s quite a bit going on behind the scenes here. I have some pretty big and exciting news to share later this week 😊 @fostermotherofkittens said.




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