Two little ducks who can’t fly follow their human mom everywhere

Pamellia Johnson from Canada, Ontario was the founder of PJ’s Wildlife Orphanage. There she met with various animals and became their savior and rescuer.

This time the turn was for two little ducks who were very connected to their mother. Cassie and Carl like to jump on their mother’s shoulders when she sat. They followed her everywhere she went. In its turn. Jessica gave them the great love and attention that they deserved. She organized pool parties for them and played with them when they wanted.

Cassie had some difficulties as she picked the wrong edge of the egg and the hatching process went a bit longer than usual. Johnson was very attentive to the egg and waited for Cassie impatiently. However, when the woman had been sleeping the ducking’s egg hatched and she came out of it.

Johnson introduced Cassie to Cral, another rescued duckling and they became inseparable ever after.

When they grew old Johnson took them for a walk and let them play on the grass. Unfortunately, these duck species couldn’t fly so Jessica would keep them and wouldn’t release them to the wild.

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