Twin toddlers drown after grandmother with Alzheimer’s leaves door open – rest in peace

Grandma with Alzheimer’s left the back door open, causing two toddlers to fall into the pool and drown.

A boy and a girl who were twin toddlers managed to escape the house through a door that their great-grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s, allegedly left open before they drowned.

Locklyn and Loreli, siblings who are 18 years old, were found unconscious in the murky water of the family pool at their Oklahoma City home by their mother, Jenny Callazzo. They were both pronounced dead several hours later.

Callazzo is a business owner and a stay-at-home mother of six kids. In addition to her, her grandmother and husband reside in the household.

Aerial footage of the house revealed a pool with dark green water that was allegedly caused by dense algae. As emergency personnel worked to revive her children, neighbors recall the terrifying moment they saw the distressed woman at the back of an EMS car.

The mother uploaded a picture of the twins playing outside a few days prior to the tragedy, with the message, “Just want to play outside.”

According to the Daily Mail, the authorities are still looking into the terrible incident but have ruled out any wrongdoing.

The Callazzo family’s relatives have created a GoFundMe page to assist with financial needs. These lovely infants were snatched from us far too soon. Any contribution you may make to cover costs would be greatly appreciated. We value the affection and support of everyone, it says.

Parents are cautioned by experts about the risks of having a pool in the home when there are young children there. Children are drawn to water, and toddlers lack the abilities to help themselves exit the water, according to Laura Gamino, injury prevention coordinator for trauma at OU Health. Drowning happens extremely silently and suddenly.

“Occasionally, people assume that a child will struggle in the water and cry out, but they are unable to do so since the water is in their mouth. The fact that it is so quiet is one of its frightening characteristics.

She counsels parents to erect fences around their swimming pools that are at least four feet high and have door handles that are out of reach for kids.

The mourning family is in our thoughts and prayers.

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