To Save Sick Dog Who Got Left On A Bridge To Die Rescuers Move Heaven And Earth

When Hope For Paws is called to rescue a dog, it goes to great lengths to save it. Doggy writes that Dennis is no different.

Dennis was abandoned on a bridge and left for the end of his life. ,,A young man named Gabriel Sepulveda came by on his skateboard and saw Dennis and remembered watching Jordan’s Hope For Paws video, so he knew he had to call us.”

,,It took Lisa Chiarelli and me two hours to get there and what we saw was horrible. Dennis was lying on the floor, unable to move and covered in ticks.” They took him to the hospital and started to clean him. Lisa’s dog Lola was brought to the hospital to donate blood to Dennis, who had severe anemia. They worked hard to save him.

Over the next five days, Eldad says, Dennis saw neurologists, cardiologists and internists, but it wasn’t enough. Dennis was already too old and his body was failing.

Dennis passed away shortly afterwards.

Rest In Peace, poor soul.

Not all rescues have a happy ending and it is important to understand that!

,,Dennis has been neglected for a long time and no one has taken action for him. If you see an animal in need, say something Do something.” asks Eldad.

,,Please spread the word so that people know that the next time they see a case of neglect or abuse, they should do something. Thank you Eldad.”

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