To acclimate timid shelter dogs to a new family, children read books to them.

The kids in the Humane Society of Missouri’s Shelter Buddies Reading Program are doing their best to support the timid and anxious canines in the shelter by providing them with the love and support they need while they search for their forever homes.

Children may read stories to anxious dogs as part of the wonderful Shelter Buddies Reading Program, which aims to give the dogs more self-assurance.

The timid canines may engage with the kids without having to physically touch them by being read to. Hearing the kids read is quite comforting for the dogs, and many people have observed a noticeable change in the dogs’ attitudes.

Prior to reading to the dogs, the kids must complete a 10-hour training course where they learn how to communicate with dogs and how to recognize a timid or anxious dog.

Kids are encouraged to spot and read to timid canines. If a responsible adult is present, kids are invited to return to the shelter whenever they’re ready to read to the dogs after they’ve finished their training.

The program has advantages for people as well as canines. The kids get to practice reading while learning about empathy, compassion, and how to be sensitive to others’ feelings. The capacity to empathize with others can improve one’s relationships with both people and other animals in one’s life. They learn to see the world from the perspective of the dogs.

The initiative is helping the canines find their future homes by improving their overall well-being. Their improved self-esteem makes it simpler for them to interact with others and helps them stand out to shelter guests.

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