Tiny Chihuahua waits every day for a visit from her favorite mailman

Mailmen and dogs haven’t always had the greatest relationship.

But that’s not true for a long-haired Chihuahua named Frannie and her mailman, Postman Dan.

Frannie actually loves all the delivery men that come to her house. Including the Amazon guy.

But this story is about Frannie and Postman Dan.

According to Frannie’s mom, Postman Dan is “her first love.”

Frannie happily waits at the door every day when Postman Dan’s truck shows up.

She excitedly runs out the door and into his arms as he steps out of the mail truck to deliver mom’s mail. Postman Dan always enthusiastically greets Frannie and lets her cover him with kisses.

Some dogs loathe their mail carriers. According to Reader’s Digest, this is because dogs like to defend their territory from intruders.

They see these visitors as trespassers that need to be run off.

“Ruling out that your dog is in pain, it’s safe to assume that the aggression expressed toward the mailperson is out of fear,” animal expert and communicator Libby Brittain said.

But Frannie isn’t afraid of Postman Dan at all — or any mail person for that matter.

When Postman Dan was away for a month, she still made sure to greet Mailman Dave, who came in his place.

But she was overjoyed when her main man returned.

Frannie also makes sure to mark special events in their relationship.

She did something extra special for Postman Dan’s birthday.

She got dressed up all fancy in a pretty pink sweater to present Postman Dan with his birthday present.

Frannie couldn’t have been more excited to give Postman Dan his gift.

She jumped up as he opened his present and danced around his legs.

He opened up the box to find very fancy cupcakes. One that was even “Frannie” themed just so he wouldn’t forget who his girl was. Frannie and her mom wanted Dan to have a “sweet birthday.”

But Frannie couldn’t help herself and get a little lick of the cupcake for herself.

But Postman Dan didn’t really mind sharing at all.

“Frannie had to make sure they were good before her love tried any of it. Happy Birthday Dan. You deserve it… Thank you Lisa for making it happen,” wrote one of Frannie’s TikTok followers.

“I love these 2 together!…you can tell Dan loves Frannie SO much!! Her licks are always all over him, so why not his cakes?” said another.

“Frannie is like, ‘I have to proof if they are good enough for my bestie Dan,” and another.

Frannie has thousands of fans on TikTok who love to see what she and Postman Dan are up to.

You can follow Frannie at @lisaandfrannie on TikTok, and watch Frannie give Dan his birthday present in the video below.

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