This little girl is making me put on my thinking cap, but I’m grateful for our cat community & for lovely people like @dapperdanthediapurrman’s momma who is teaching us so much!

This little girl is making me put on my thinking cap, but I’m grateful for our cat community & for lovely people like @dapperdanthediapurrman’s momma who is teaching us so much! @kittenitwithkiki said.


When my parents ask me when I’m going to have kids… @kittenitwithkiki said.


Well look at what we have here. If it isn’t Pia Wia & Scootie Bootie doing a little foster sister snoozle together. @kittenitwithkiki said.

Sadie Scoot’s #ootd

These diaper covers made by @cutebone_official help hold her diaper in place. I’m thinking of adding some furniture polish to it so she can mop the floor while she toodles around… @kittenitwithkiki said.

In honor of Sadie taking her first dump because I successfully learned how to express a colon, here is a #photodump of my first week with her.

Sadie had her first visit at @wesvetanimalhospital today. In short, I’m doing all the right things, all of which I owe to the ‘Support and Advice for Paralyzed, Mobility Challenged and Incontinent Cats’ Facebook group. I have received a lot of questions about Scootie Bootie so I’d quickly address them here!

Ouchies on legs? From scootin’ around. I am wrapping them & treating them with medicated ointments until some more clothes arrive for her 😍

Wheelchair? No need! Sadie scoots around so fast. Wheelchairs are better suited for doggies who need to go outside.

Amputation? No need, unless her leg wounds become infected or necrotic (which they won’t because I clean those suckers like my life depends on it). Her little chicken wing really serves no purpose, but neither would amputating it.


Pottying? There is no connection between Sadie’s brain & bladder or poop chute. She only “goes by herself” cause her cup overfloweth. She does not understand a litter box. I express her bladder & colon 3-4x a day, but that will become less once her UTI has cleared (to which she is on medicine for). She also gets a pumpkin topper & antibiotics in her food.


Adoptable? Yes, she’s a lovely little girl that someone will adore. Once her UTI clears & her poop is more solid, she will be spayed. I’m hoping to have her on a little routine to teach her next family! And no, I won’t be adopting her so don’t even mention it. @kittenitwithkiki said.


“You’re learning foster mommy.”

Watch it once, then watch it again but look at Scootie. She purred the whole time.

🥺 @kittenitwithkiki said.

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